Now at Cypress Oral Surgery, we can take digital impressions using a specialized scanning device, known as the 3shape Trios Scanner. This highly advanced tool allows our surgeons to take accurate and precise 3D images of the oral cavity. The scanner helps us create a virtual map of the mouth, laying out every peak and valley of the biting surfaces.

Dentistry is a rapidly advancing area of science right now. Staying up to date of the latest technological advances is important to our team at Cypress Oral Surgery. The scanner allows our doctors to take a highly accurate, 3D images of not only your teeth, but also the surrounding hard ridges and soft gum tissue. Our doctors use this technology to view the patient’s occlusal and lingual buccal surfaces, along with contacts on the adjacent arch and bite.

How Digital Impressions Benefit Our Patients- The Trios Scanner provides our patients with several benefits over traditional mold impressions. Namely, this system is much more comfortable for our patients while we obtain the necessary information of their teeth. Secondly, we will never need to redo or retake an impression, this is because a patient’s shifting, or movement does not distort the scan. This eliminates the feeling of invasiveness or discomfort often caused by impressions. Third, with the real-time digital image display of the scans taken, we are able to make immediate adjustments, assuring that we have taken accurate scans the first time. Finally, the image quality of the digital images we have taken are far superior to conventional mold impressions.