Meet The Staff

Wendy L- Director of Clinical operations

      Wendy has 13 years experience in Oral Surgery and has worked in many areas of the dental                                                                                            field including general dentistry, perio and oral surgery, which is her field of choice. She has                        completed all state required certifications and registrations including Basic Life Support (BLS),                CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and DAANCE certified. Since starting here in Cypress, she has helped Dr. Bachoura and his team open 2 other locations.Wendy is thankful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Bachoura and to help our patients to overcome obstacles such as fear or simply needing extra personal attention. In her free time, Wendy and her son enjoy movies, music, swimming, reading, football and bowling.

samantha B.- HR Manager /Front office MAnager

     Samantha “Sam” has been in the dental field  over 5 years. She actually began her career as                     the receptionist here at the Cypress location. She can be seen working all over the office. Since starting in Cypress, she has helped Dr. Bachoura and his team open 2 other locations.  Sam also took on the role of being Dr. Bachoura’s Personal Assistant in 2014.  She turned into the Human Resource manager at the beginning of 2017, for all of Dr. Bachoura’s locations. Sam is really thankful for the     opportunity to work with Dr. Bachoura and to constantly be learning and helping with patients. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling , fitness and the beach .

adriana H. – implant coordinator / RDA


      Adriana received her RDA in 2012, and has been a surgical assistant for 8 years. She has been                                                                               with Cypress Oral Surgery since 2013.  Adriana coordinates all special implant cases for the                                                                                     cypress office. Not only does she communicate with the implant distributors directly, she also follows                                                                           up with patient’s general dentist to ensure accuracy. During Adriana’s free time she enjoys spending                                                                                 time her family, reading as well as shopping .

Ronica Martinez- Lead RDA


  Ronica started her position in cypress in 2013, and has been in the dental field for almost 10 years.        Ronica oversees the day to day schedule as well as provides assistance to doctors and other clinical staff.  She manages all supplies ordering and pathology reports. In her free time, she enjoys  spending time with  her new born daughter, son and husband. 

Victoria- front office  lead/Scheduling Coordinator


     Victoria has been working at the Cypress location since 2013. She was new to the dental field when    she was hired. Victoria comes from an 8 year customer service background. When you contact COMS      she is the first friendly voice you here , and she is there to answer all your questions. During her free  time, Victoria enjoys traveling as well as spending quality time with friends and family.

Haley B-Treatment coordinator


Haley has been in the dental field for 4 years. She specializes in patient relations and insurance .        Haley works directly between the insurance companies and the patients, making sure the patient          is informed. Haley loves spending time getting to know each patient personally. In her free time she    enjoys spending time with her children.

Kelly U. – RDA


Kelly has been a surgical assistant since 1999, and an RDA since 2006. She started her position               here in Cypress in 2015, and shes loving it. Additionally, Kelly also has a certification in N2O                  [Nitrous Oxide]. When Kelly isn’t working, she enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, friends  and her granddaughter Harper!

Tatiana A.- Front Office Coordinator

Tatiana is new to the dental field. She began her career in management after graduating with her Bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University. She has been at our Cypressoffice since June 2015. She is the first smiling face you see when you visit us! In her spare time, she enjoys shopping, amusement parks, and spending time with her husband and their daughter.

Natalie D. – Benefit Specialist 

     Natalie has worked in the oral surgery field since 2014. She joined the Cypress Oral Surgery  team       in August of 2016. Natalie files all insurance claims and helps maximize patient’s benefits. She can assist   patient’s thoroughly with eligibility and benefit coverage concerns. When Natalie is not at work she loves  spending time with her family, shopping and exploring new places.